[Good news] Congratulations to the company for officially obtaining the certificate of intellectual

       Autumn is a harvest season. Through the coordination and cooperation of various departments, Hengguxin Technology has successfully passed the review of the national third-party certification body for intellectual property rights with its strong R&D strength and independent technological innovation. Now it has successfully obtained the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" certificate".

        The acquisition of this certificate indicates that Hengguxin Technology has taken a new step in the field of intellectual property rights. It has added a strong touch to our company's qualifications and also marked our company's further progress in the knowledge management system. specification. "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" is my country's current high-level qualification certification for intellectual property management system, and it is also a very high-gold corporate honor. The successful certification of "Intellectual Property Management System" this time will help promote the research and development of Hengguxin Technology New products and new technologies with high value-added independent intellectual property rights to enhance corporate image!