2020-11-05 74
Autumn is a harvest season. Through the coordination and cooperation of various departments, Hengguxin Technology has successfully passed the review of the national third-party certification body for intellectual property rights with its strong R&D strength and independent technological innovation. Now it has successfully obtained the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" certificate".
2020-11-05 78
Through the efforts of all employees, the company passed the on-site audit of ACM Certification (Shanghai) Company (ACM) on September 16, 2020, and successfully obtained the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certificate.
2020-08-01 130
Since the establishment of the company in 2015, Hengguxin Abrasives Material Technology Co., Ltd. has accompanied everyone through a five-year journey. In these 5 years, thank you all for your long-term care and support to Hengguxin Technology!