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Dongguan HengGuXin abrasive materials technology co.,LTD
Guangdong Qiansheng New Materials Co.,Ltd
Guangdong Qiansheng New Materials Co.,Ltd., founded in 2023, our predecessor was Dongguan Tiansheng Fiberglass Co., Ltd., established in 2001. We specialise in the development and production of fiberglass products, and have built long-term cooperative relationships with multiple scientific specialists and research units among China. We are a senior member of the fiberglass and abrasive tool industry.
Our main products include:
-Fiberglass backing plates (fiberglass backboard substrate for coating grinding tools)
-Fiberglass mesh disc (used for resin grinding wheel reinforcement)
-Fiberglass partition net (for resin grinding wheel demolding)
-Various fiberglass mesh (grid cloth and plain cloth)
-PTFE painted mesh (polytetrafluoroethylene), etc.
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Our Product
Six advantages of fiberglass backing plates

1The glassfiber backing plates made of high quality raw material that platinum wire drawing process  to produce , so that the product has better anti-decay performance and heat resistance and cold resistance! Adopting stamping forming,which maximizes the concentricity ,size accuracy and user’s safety.
If adopts grinding to do the forming, the tolerance of concentricity will be bigger ,which may cause shaking(trembling) while the plate’s in a high-speed rotating working condition, might put user in danger.

2Stamping forming - Our product adopts punch blanking forming, with the best concentricity and higher dimensional accuracy.Using the traditional grinding machine edge grinding method to form, concentricity error is large.In this way, when the customer is in use, the glassfiber backing plates with large concentricity error will produce jitter in the case of high-speed rotation. If the plates are made thinner, this kind of plates normally show higher strength while being tested,but high-hardness and the lack of pliability makes them perform worse on synchronous consumption and the actual using.Therefore,with guaranteed strength, our plates are better for synchronous consumption, and more unlikely to cause scars on the surface of the grinded objects.

3The qiansheng glassfiber backing plates with On the premise of ensuring safety strength, the thickness  is increased by 5-10%, so the synchronous consumption is better, and the flexibility is maintained;It is not easy for users to form trauma or marks on the workpiece surface when polishing.At the same time,the plates leaves enough space for the resin to bond the sand belt, so that the sand belt bond more firmly. Using special materials and proper combination of fiberglass resin mesh, our plates have unique appearance and smooth surface.

4The surface of the net cover is flat and more beautiful;Special material and reasonable mesh collocation are adopted to make the surface of the mesh cover smooth and beautiful. We own the patent for invention of the backing plates manufacturing machine, which is specially invented for producing backing plates with high efficiency,unified sizes and low tolerance.

5Special equipment with independent invention patent.The production equipment has the independent invention patent, specially develops for the production glass fiber net cover, the production efficiency is high, the product size is uniform, the error is small.

6Complete inspection is adopted for finished products with high quality rate.

material application
Fiberglass backing plates
Fiberglass backing plates
Also called fiberglass backup pads,choosing dense fiberglass mesh,which makes our plates have flat surface and good appearance.
Fiberglass cloth
Fiberglass mesh
As a reinforcing material,after getting soased by resin,this product can be used for:
1、Wall cloth
2、Reinforcing mesh for grinding wheels
3、Teflon mesh
4、Other ways
Fiberglass resin cloth disc
Fiberglass resin cloth discs
Fiberglass cloth plece for resin grinding wheel producing all sizes of fibrglass cloth piece for resin grinding wheel.
Teflon coated fiberglass cloth
Teflon coated fiberglass cloth
Polytetrafluoroethyene resin soaked fiberglsaa cloth burned on high temperature.